Hotel Lemon’s garden

During the day you can enjoy the garden surrounded by lemon trees, secular palm trees, banana tress, and a magnififcient Solandra that clambers on th building, but mostly the Sun which shines 316 days a year creating thus a pleasant temperature all year long.

Since the XVIIIth century, the city’s reputation is based on the quality of its botanic spaces. It is the town where the lemon tree grows in full soil. During the XIXth century, thanks to the Menton micro climate, some botanist, mainly English, introduced tropical and sub tropical species thus composing the original vegetal harmonies which today make Menton an open air greenhouse.

The species found at Hotel Lemon :
3 lemon trees:
The lemon tree is a n erect tree that reaches rapidly 2,50 – 3 m. Its yellow fruit is well known all over the world. Menton, great producer of this fruit since centuries, has made it its emblem. Delicious in tarts, the lemon brings its zest to several dishes a well as its acid and juicy pulp. The lemon tree arbors large perfumed leaves and white flowers. The flowering is long and often renewed.

2 palm trees :
The palm tree is not a tree but a monocotyledon. The stipe is to the palm tree what the trunk is to the tree. It supports terminal leaves and forms itself with fibrous petioles piling up dead leaves.
1 solandra :
The trumpet vine is a vine originary from Mexico.
Its flowering is magnificent and the flowers, shaped as trumpets, are of rare elegance.
The upkeeping of this vine is easy and it will readily climb along a trellice or a fence.
4 bougainvilles :
Tropical (even sub tropical) plant, the bougainville arrives in France at the end of the 18th century when the botanist Philibert Commerson, member of a Brasilian expedition, discovers this flowers which he will call Bougainville in honor of his Commander Bougainville.
It will become therefore synonyme of adventure in the floral language.
The flowering is generous from Springtime until the end of Fall, whereas the dark green leaves persist all year long.
The bougainvillier is part of the perfumed climbing plants.